Apostolic-Prophet Michael Shakespeare

Apostolic-Prophet Michael Shakespeare is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has more than 35 years of ministry experience. He attended 20th Century Bible College where he received a B.S. in Christian Education, and in 1988 Pastor Shakespeare was accepted in to Ashland Theological Seminary, earning his Master of Arts degree in 1991. In 1995 this Man of God was honored with an honorary Doctorate of Ministry from Truth Theological School of Learning. IT is also worthy of noting that Pastor Shakespeare is a professor in the field of Hermeneutics and is the author of “The Call and Burden of Intercessory Prayer”, “The Spiritual Awakening”, and “Fall on Your Knees. Prophet Shakespeare is currently the Founder and Pastor of Truth Christian Assembly Church (The Truth Church) in Detroit, Michigan: which he has successfully pastured for 15 years.

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