The Prophetic Shift

Joel 2:29 In the last days I will pour out my spirit on all flesh.

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Prophetic Gathering Classes

The gifted intercessor will learn to pray strategically by understanding what God is speaking and the various ways He speaks by the Holy Spirit.
In this class the students will learn to identify the God shifts in the earth realm and respond accordingly as the Holy Spirit dictates.
This class will reflect upon the will/call of God upon the life of the Chosen and give understand to the purpose, equipping them to operate in ministry with the power of demonstration in this season of signs, wonders and miracles.
As a result of taking this class the student will understand what God is saying and learn the importance of not only seeing in the realm of the Spirit but to release the insights received and how to navigate. Take back your territory.
1 Corinthians 14:40 says "Let all things be done" The Class will learn how to walk in prophetic integrity as we discuss the do's and don'ts of prophetic ministry.
The students will learn how to pray effectively and according to the Word. PUSH Pray Until Something Happens.
Elevation proceeds revelation Student's will leave this class ready to lead their ministry teams to do greater works by understanding divine order, the priestly anointing, revelatory grace so that they may operate in excellence.
Prophetic powers of visions, dreams and open vision will be explored. All seers are prophets but all prophets are not seers.
Identifying your Elijah. The importance of the School of Prophets (SOP) are biblical.
The class explores who you are in Christ and your authority, power and dominion to cast out demons and set people free from the stronghold of the enemy.
The prophetic ear that is in the inner spirit of the worshipper and minstrel will be taught how the Downloads from heaven are received. A call for true worshippers. Face down and beyond the veil.